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Agile Java Questions

agile java interview questions

Agile Java job Interview Questions, a user submitted / interview experience direct from the desk of job interview. These Questions how ever not exactly how they appeared but have been recalled from the memory to provide some idea for candidates who are going for such interview.

This should benefit most of the candidates, Java is a very important programming language most of the time you will face questions on this language. Job seekers attending Java based job interviews should prepare well and try to solve as many problems and look into as many questions as possible and try to solve them on your own and understand the way interviews are done, which are bit different from normal college test/exams.

Here are some of the Java job Interview Questions

(1)find out three keywords

(2)which are not keywords

(3)two to three questions on legal array declaration
(a)int a[][]=new int[3][3];
(b)int[] a[]=new int[3][3];
(c)int a[3][4]=new int[3][4];wrong
(d)int[3][4] a=new int[3][4];wrong
(e)int a[][]=new int[3][4];

(4)++i+++j is equivalent to
(d)can’t be compiled(correct)

(5)the content of the array after execution of following statement:int a[][]=new int[3][3];
(a)all elements contain zeros

(6)find legal statements
(a)int a=30;
(b)float f=1.4;(error)
(c)double d=34.5;
(d)byte b=128;(error)

(7)find illegal statements
(a)int i=’2′;
(b)char a=12;

(8)some 5 questions on collection interfaces

(9)to find the length of array

(10)write code for accessing array length without assigning it to another variable

(11)recursion is
(a)any function which refer itself

(12)the sorting method which don’t generally use recursion
(a)heap sort
(b)bubble sort(ans)
(c)quick sort
(d)bubble sort

(13)one questions regarding abstract

(14)some 2 questions on hash table

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