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QTP Interview Questions

QTP Interview Questions for the preparation of QTP Interview

Full form of QTP ?

Quick Test Professional

What’s the QTP ?

QTP is Mercury Interactive Functional Testing Tool.

Which scripting language used by QTP ?

QTP uses VB scripting.

What’s the basic concept of QTP ?

QTP is based on two concept-
* Recording
* Playback

How many types of recording facility are available in QTP ?

QTP provides three types of recording methods-
* Context Recording (Normal)
* Analog Recording
* Low Level Recording

How many types of Parameters are available in QTP ?

QTP provides three types of Parameter-
* Method Argument
* Data Driven
* Dynamic

What’s the QTP testing process ?

QTP testing process consist of seven steps-
* Preparing to recoding
* Recording
* Enhancing your script
* Debugging
* Run
* Analyze
* Report Defects

What’s the Active Screen ?

It provides the snapshots of your application as it appeared when you performed a certain steps during recording session.

What’s the Test Pane ?

Test Pane contains Tree View and Expert View tabs.

What’s Data Table ?

It assists to you about parameterizing the test.

What’s the Test Tree ?

It provides graphical representation of your operations which you have performed with your application.

Which all environment QTP supports ?

Java/ J2EE
Multimedia, XML
Web Objects, ActiveX controls
SAP, Oracle, Siebel, PeopleSoft
Web Services, Terminal Emulator

How can you view the Test Tree ?

The Test Tree is displayed through Tree View tab.

What’s the Expert View ?

Expert View display the Test Script.

Which keyword used for Nornam Recording ?


Which keyword used for run the test script ?


Which keyword used for stop the recording ?


Which keyword used for Analog Recording ?


Which keyword used for Low Level Recording ?


Which keyword used for switch between Tree View and Expert View ?


What’s the Transaction ?

You can measure how long it takes to run a section of your test by defining transactions.

Where you can view the results of the checkpoint ?

You can view the results of the checkpoints in the Test Result Window.

What’s the Standard Checkpoint ?

Standard Checkpoints checks the property value of an object in your application or web page.

Which environment are supported by Standard Checkpoint ?

Standard Checkpoint are supported for all add-in environments.

What’s the Image Checkpoint ?

Image Checkpoint check the value of an image in your application or web page.

Which environments are supported by Image Checkpoint ?

Image Checkpoint are supported only Web environment.

What’s the Bitmap Checkpoint ?

Bitmap Checkpoint checks the bitmap images in your web page or application.

Which environment are supported by Bitmap Checkpoints ?

Bitmap checkpoints are supported all add-in environment.

What’s the Table Checkpoints ?

Table Checkpoint checks the information with in a table.

Which environments are supported by Table Checkpoint ?

Table Checkpoints are supported only ActiveX environment.

What’s the Text Checkpoint ?

Text Checkpoint checks that a test string is displayed in the appropriate place in your application or on web page.

Which environment are supported by Test Checkpoint ?

Text Checkpoint are supported all add-in environments


* QTP records each steps you perform and generates a test tree and test script.

* QTP records in normal recording mode.

* If you are creating a test on web object, you can record your test on one browser and run it on another browser.

* Analog Recording and Low Level Recording require more disk sapce than normal recording mode.

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