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IT professional – Questions to Ask

IT professional – Questions to Ask in the Interview by the Interviewer.

1. What port does telnet use?
2. What is SMTP?
3. How would you troubleshoot a printer?
4. How does traceroute work?
5. Walk me through everything that happens in the network from the moment you punch in in the address bar to when the browser displays the page?
6. Can you work this weekend?
7. What kind of people are your current users? Do you like them?
8. What role do you think computer support analysts should play in the company?
9. Assuming you have to work for a living and all jobs pay the same, how would you describe the job you want?
10. When conflict arises on your team, how do you handle it?

11. How do you stay current?
12. What operating system do you prefer and why?
13. What part of the project life cycle have you worked on?
14. Describe the project or situation that best demonstrates your coding (or analytical) skills.
15. What is the difference between local, global and universal groups?
16. What is the major difference between FAT and NTFS?
17. Name the FMSO roles and their functions.
18. You’ve just been asked to create 20 new Users and update 2 GPOs, ASAP! You go to the Administrative Tools, and discover they are all gone. What do you do? What do you suspect happened?
19. What is a Global Catalog?
20. Explain the function of DNS.
21. Explain a “Two-Way Transitive” trust.
22. In speaking about trusts, what does “Non-transitive” mean?
23. Describe the lease process of DHCP.
24. Explain NTP.
25. What is the 568B wiring scheme?
26. What us your highest achievement while working in the IT field?
27. What are your short term goals to achieve?
28. You have a user call for support for the 5th time on the same issue. How would you handle the call and what would you do differently?
29. List as many ways you can think of to move a file from a Windows machine to a Linux machine.
30. Demonstrate recursiveness by implementing a factorial function.

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