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x86 programming interview questions

1. What is an interrupt?
2. Which are the hardware and software interrupts in 8086?
3. Mention the priority of interrupts in8086.
4. What is int1, int2, int3?
5. What is NMI interrupt?
6. What is IVT in 8086?

7. What is the size of IVT?
8. Where IVT is located?
9. Which steps 8086 follows to handle any interrupt?
10. What are the types of interfacing?
11. Compare memory interfacing and IO interfacing.
12. What are the types of IO interfacing?
13. What is the difference between direct and indirect IO interfacing?
14. What is the difference between memory mapped IO and IO mapped IO interfacing?
15. What is the difference between DOS and BIOS?
16. What do u mean by handle in simulation of dos copy command?
17. Which functions of INT 21 are used for performing following operations on file- opening, creating, reading, writing & closing the file?
18. Explain the logic of simulation of DOS COPY COMMAND program.
19. What is the difference between .com &.exe programs?
20. What is directive org 100h? Where it is required?
21. What is the size of .com program?
22. How to convert .exe programs to .com programs?
23. What is TSR?
24. How TSR programs are different than normal programs?
25. What is PSP? What is its significance?
26. What is type 0 or divide by 0 error?
27. In TSR what is the significance of the following functions of INT 21h: 35h, 25h, 31h?
28. What are the applications of TSR program?
29. Explain the logic of real time clock TSR program.
30. Explain the logic of ‘div by zero’ TSR program
31. Which parts is transient & residence part of your program?
32. Which are the functions used in RTC & divide by 0 screen saver explain?

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