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Networking Technical Interview Questions

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Computer Networks Top Interview Questions

Computer Network Questions Some of the Top Basic Computer Network Questions, that must be Answered and known if you even think of attending any Networks/Network Admin Interviews. Virtual meetings on Internet are called…………. LAN...

More Networking Questions 29

More Networking Questions

Describe OSPF 1. OSPF areas, the purpose of having each of them 2. Types of OSPF LSA, the purpose of each LSA type 3. What exact LSA type you can see in different areas...

Network Interview Questions 62

Network Interview Questions

What is MTU? How does TCP handshake work? How does SSL handshake work? What are the different phases in VPN establishment? How does DH (deffie helman) work? What is TCP window sizing? What is...

Networking Interview Questions Most Asked 111

Networking Interview Questions Most Asked

Difference between TCP and UDP? When would you want to use one over the other? How would approach guaging performance of webpages/parts on a very large website? Questions you are unlikely to get unless...