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x86 Interview Questions

Operating System Questions 28

Operating System Questions

What is MUTEX ? What isthe difference between a ‘thread’ and a ‘process’? What is INODE? Explain the working of Virtual Memory. How does Windows NT supports Multitasking? Explain the Unix Kernel. What is...

8086 Questions 18

8086 Questions

Describe segmentation & pipelining in 8086. What is the difference between 8085 and 8086 and 80286? What is the Maximum clock frequency in 8086? #5 Mhz is the Maximum clock frequency in 8086. What...

8085 Questions 9

8085 Questions

8085 Questions for Recent graduates and professionals interview, to help them succeed in their job interview. what is the difference between program counter and stack pointer . and what is the difference between data...

Computer Architecture Questions 3

Computer Architecture Questions

Computer Architecture 1. Explain what is DMA? 2. What is pipelining? 3. What are super scalar machines and vliw machines? 4. What is cache?

x86 interview questions 0

x86 interview questions

These interview questions test the knowledge of x86 Intel architecture and 8086 microprocessor specifically.

Low Level Programming Interview Questions 0

Low Level Programming Interview Questions

1. What is assembler? 2. What is linker? 3. What is debugger? 4. What is compiler? 5. What is locator? 6. What is emulator? 7. When divide overflow error occurs? 8. What does .startup...

x86 programming interview questions 0

x86 programming interview questions

1. What is an interrupt? 2. Which are the hardware and software interrupts in 8086? 3. Mention the priority of interrupts in8086. 4. What is int1, int2, int3? 5. What is NMI interrupt? 6....