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  1. Neeha says:

    A couple of thotghus come to mind.#1. use that same phrase on them just let me finish. ALWAYS accompany it with speak to the hand body language. Hold your hand, palm out like a stop sign, close in to your body and just above your waist. People respond to body language far faster than they do to words. So, ensure that you don’t ever let them take the conversation away from you. ALWAYS use that phrase and finish what you were saying.#2. In a group, you can interrupt the person talking and toss the conversation ball to someone else with Jenny, what do you think? or Jenny didn’t you say something like this happened to you? or Fred what have you done or tried? Words like that ensure that the conversation ball gets tossed around the group instead of staying with just the one person. This way, YOU aren’t perceived as fighting for control of the conversation. The Enthusiast is now dealing with TWO others, not just you. AND, the person that you tossed the question to, will feel warmly towards you because you included him/her.

  2. rawali says:

    can b understood easily :)

  3. can we have somemore like dis to face the interview tomm.related to h/w

  4. chand says:

    assalamalekum, and jajakallakair

  5. hi this is very good and usefull to me

  6. susha says:

    plz send me te answers for tes question

  7. jahanvi says:

    good questions.. very heplful for freshers.. thanks..

  8. ashmax says:


  9. bharathi says:

    those questions are very easy n useful for freshers pls keep on do this


    these are very good questions,and often asked in interviews

  11. somanath says:

    thnx fr keeping these questions.theseare very helpful for Freshers.

  12. this are all very important questions

  13. tarun says:

    these questions are very good questions
    to ask our teacher and make them confuse.

  14. rutika says:

    i went to know how join it test

  15. paramesh says:

    no downloading verry good

  16. shashank says:

    these r very easy questions so keep it up

  17. AMIT BAJAJ says:


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