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Job Interview Experience 4

My first interview in bangalore

My first interview in Bangalore. Interviewer: Tell something about yourself Myself: I explained my educational and family profile. Interviewer: Tell about your project profile. Myself: I explained about my project. Interviewer: Which post u...

Agile C++ Test Questions 2

Agile C++ Test Questions

Agile C++ Interview Preparation Questions: (1)the difference b/w pure virtual fn.& virtual fn. (a)pure virtual function. is initialized to zero. (b)

More CCNA questions 46

More CCNA questions

Some Very Important CCNA questions for the interview. Cisco Career Certifications are IT professional certifications for Cisco products. The tests are administered by Pearson VUE (Prometric previously administered the test; but as of 1...

PHP interview questions 154

PHP interview questions

Some of the Best PHP Based Interview Questions for the recent graduates to help them in their Interview in PHP