Linux admin interview questions

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  1. Sadashivamurthy M says:

    Hello Guys,

    I made a few collection of linux interview q & a’s here :
    I hope this helps.

    Editors note: Mind post these questions here?

  2. Kevin Kelley says:

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  3. chandu says:

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  4. rajsandeep says:

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  7. Arif.S says:

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  8. Hema says:

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  11. shital says:

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  12. Lalit Yadav says:

    This is a combination of very good questions. Please send me answers.

  13. Linux says:

    . How do you take a single line of input from the user in a shell script?
    2. Write a script to convert all DOS style backslashes to UNIX style slashes in a list of files.
    3. Write a regular expression (or sed script) to replace all occurrences of the letter ‘f’, followed by any number of characters, followed by the letter ‘a’, followed by one or more numeric characters, followed by the letter ‘n’, and replace what’s found with the string “UNIX”.
    4. Write a script to list all the differences between two directories.
    5. Write a program in any language you choose, to reverse a file.
    6. What are the fields of the password file?
    7. What does a plus at the beginning of a line in the password file signify?
    8. Using the man pages, find the correct ioctl to send console output to an arbitrary pty.
    9. What is an MX record?
    10. What is the prom command on a Sun that shows the SCSI devices?
    11. What is the factory default SCSI target for /dev/sd0?
    12. Where is that value controlled?
    13. What happens to a child process that dies and has no parent process to wait for it and what’s bad about this?
    14. What’s wrong with sendmail? What would you fix?
    15. What command do you run to check file system consistency?
    16. What’s wrong with running shutdown on a network?
    17. What can be wrong with setuid scripts?
    18. What value does spawn return?

  14. kumara says:

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  18. vikas Nagpal says:


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  19. nagarjuna says:

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  20. neha says:

    Questions are nice. but please can anyone send the exact answers of all these questions?

  21. Aijaz Ahmed says:


    please i need answers for these questions because some are linux and scripting questions

  22. Asad says:

    following are some linux administration questions, I need answer please send me.


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