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Java Technical Interview Questions

agile java interview questions 3

Agile Java Questions

Agile Java job Interview Questions, a user submitted / interview experience direct from the desk of job interview. These Questions how ever not exactly how they appeared but have been recalled from the memory...

Java Web Development Interview questions 1

Java Web development interview questions

Java is used as one of the top web development programming language, it provides both flexibility and security hence the most popular programming language among the industry leaders, businesses and government organizations. To help...

Interview questions on EJB 0

Interview questions on EJB

1. How EJB Invocation happens? – Retrieve Home Object reference from Naming Service via JNDI. Return Home Object reference to the client. Create me a new EJB Object through Home Object interface. Create EJB...

Huge List of Java Interview Questions 1

Huge List of Java Interview Questions

What is the difference between procedural and object-oriented programs?– a) In procedural program, programming logic follows certain procedures and the instructions are executed one after another. In OOP program, unit of program is object,...

Java questions for Newbies 0

Java questions for Newbies

1. If Runnable interface is better than Thread class, than why we are using Thread class? What is the need for Thread class? 2. Why we are calling System.gc() method to garbage collection of...

Java Interview questions 1

Java Interview questions

1. How could Java classes direct program messages to the system console, but error messages, say to a file? The class System has a variable out that represents the standard output, and the variable...