Huge List of Java Interview Questions

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  1. Dhananjay said,

    Any application developed in JAVA and using native code will be plateform independent ?

  2. dhinesh said,

    Actually in java no operator overloading.but we are using increment(++) and
    decrement(–) operator.this also operator overloading. why that contradiction?

  3. dhinesh said,

    Actually in java no operator overloading.but we are using increment(++) and
    decrement(–-) operator.this also operator overloading. why that contradiction?

  4. KOtresh said,

    There is no operator overloading in JAVA, but operator + is used as arithmetic addition and concatination operator. why ? pls clarify this

  5. srinivasulu said,

    difference ServletContext and PageContext

  6. Kotresh said,

    Default Layout for Jframe(swings)?

  7. Ajay said,

    difference between Directive and action

  8. Siya said,

    I don’t know where this site has been all my life!!!It has clear answers to almost every question revolving around Java.Keep it up!

  9. Prabhakar Peri said,

    Hi all, this is the reply to questions 2,3, and 4.

    “Operator overloading is not available in Java” does not mean that there is no operator overloading in Java. It mean that the programmer cannot implement operator overloading. It is in built available in the language.

    Actually you cannot find any programming language without operator overloading. Strictly no programming language is excempted. Have a look at the following example.

    3 + 2
    2.5 + 3.0

    These two expressions can be processed by any language. The same + symbol is used to add two integral numbers as well as to add two real numbers. Is it not overloading? The + operator is overloaded to operate on integrals and real numbers. This applies to all languages.

    Hence, operator overloading is there in Java, but in built. It cannot be extended by the programmer as you can do in C++.


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