Technical Support Interview Questions

Following are some Technical Support Interview Questions, There are many other soon to come; Can you answer them if yes please leave reply.

1. Tell me about your tech support experience.
2. About how many calls did you answer on average in a day?
3. What procedures did you follow when you received a call?
4. What percentage of all calls were you able to answer without escalation?
5. How long were you prepared to work on a call before escalating it?
6. What percentage of every 8 hour shift were you either on the phone or available to take a call?
7. Would you say there was much diversity in the type of calls you received?
8. How did you like working third shift?
9. What percentage of your cases needed 2 or more calls to clear the same issue?
10. How did you deal with really upset customers?
11. How many angry customers would you refer to your supervisor in a week?
12. How do you feel about going on the road from time to time?
13. Could you deliver a training class if necessary?
14. How would you deal with a disruptive student?
15. What if he didn’t realize he was a disruptive student?
16. What sort of ramp-up time do you think you need to be fully productive?
17. What are you expecting from this job?
18. Where do you see yourself being in 2 years?
19. Do you have any questions?

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