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Job interview Stop words 0

Job interview Stop Words

The Job interview Stop Words Have you ever wondered whether there would be any such words? Stop words/do not say words/ do not murmur words? usually these words referred in website optimisation as stop...

Test Case Design Questions & Answers 0

Test Case Design Questions & Answers

Test Design Related Important Question and Answers for recent graduates and professionals. 1) Good test case has a low probability of catching an error? A) True B) False ANS: A 2) ___________ can be...

Network Interview Questions 62

Network Interview Questions

What is MTU? How does TCP handshake work? How does SSL handshake work? What are the different phases in VPN establishment? How does DH (deffie helman) work? What is TCP window sizing? What is...

agile java interview questions 4

Agile Java Questions

Agile Java job Interview Questions, a user submitted / interview experience direct from the desk of job interview. These Questions how ever not exactly how they appeared but have been recalled from the memory...

Agile C++ Test Questions 2

Agile C++ Test Questions

Agile C++ Interview Preparation Questions: (1)the difference b/w pure virtual fn.& virtual fn. (a)pure virtual function. is initialized to zero. (b)

C Interview Paper 7

C Interview Paper

C Interview Questions Paper: 1. What is the difference between Char a[ ]=”string” and char *a=”String” 2. What is wrong with the code? The code was for conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit : degF...

C programming Questions 11

C programming Questions

C programming For Recent college graduates and professionals for job interview.: ————- some small C programs are given asked to tell the function/errors etc. one of the question(last in the paper) is an invalid...

More CCNA questions 46

More CCNA questions

Some Very Important CCNA questions for the interview. Cisco Career Certifications are IT professional certifications for Cisco products. The tests are administered by Pearson VUE (Prometric previously administered the test; but as of 1...