IT professional – Questions to Ask

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  1. vipin says:

    sir,can you please send me answers of these question? i need them

  2. Ishak.. says:

    Those questions are really good.
    You done a great job and i hope u will publish the answers hereafter
    thanks a lot

  3. please send me the answers to my mail id

  4. USHA says:

    thank yoiu sir………… doing mca final year
    please send me a common interview qns and answer and also the technical related questions with ans

  5. Bhushan says:

    would u be so kind as to send me thoese questions and answers on

  6. sir please send me the answers ……. and send more questions and answers related to I T

  7. GURMEET says:

    hello sir i gurmeet singh form jind sir plz send me answar of that question and send me more question related with programming like with .net,c,c++

  8. velu says:

    plz all Q&A sent me my email

  9. satish says:

    Hello , I have interview in patani though college campus so pl’s send the Q&A to IT related all types or lang. related all question

  10. pls send me the international Bpo

  11. omkar says:

    i ll intrested call center job in it field

  12. plz send database as well as questions asked in 2010 to my email id

  13. Please be kind to send with answers.

  14. ganesh says:

    it will be nice. thank you.
    plz send the answers of the questions

  15. Sandip says:

    please send me above questions and answer at my e mail id.

  16. karansingh says:

    questions r good but where r the answers

  17. ashwini says:

    send me answers please

  18. Amit says:

    Please send me the question and answers to my id……Thank you

  19. shaikh says:

    would u be so kind as to send me thoese questions and answers on

  20. Abubucker siddique says:

    Send me more interview tips of software and IT question with answers

  21. shekar says:

    pls send me the IT answers

  22. Dipty says:

    This is the exact questions which always ask in interview . But somebody send me answers plz ..

  23. somusai says:

    Tell me about scope in the linux with oracle platform and also tell me about final company projects in mnc.

  24. maaz master says:

    send me fresh comp engg realted questins and answers

  25. Madankumar Bokare says:

    I have some compny pvt ltd pune appitude question and answer

  26. Prakash Heble says:

    send me the answers of the questions THANK U

  27. i want a job in tech. support

  28. i want job in tech. support.

  29. ARUN TOMAR says:


  30. clinton beetham says:

    please give the solutions for all those questions

  31. amit kumar says:

    plz forward the ans of question asked to coputer scince gradute and also the question

  32. Ravi says:

    Could u please forward me the questions and answers to the above questions to ma mail .

    Thanks in advance :)

  33. nikhila says:

    its very nice if u provide along with answers

  34. KartikSingh Rathore says:

    Send me more it questions with answers…

  35. deepak soni says:

    i want job in tech support

  36. avinash ranjan says:

    sir the question r information, i am student of mca finall year pass pls can you send me previous tcs and wipro question and answers in c,c++,java,os,networking,.net,
    pls sir………………….
    thank u

  37. Genowin says:

    sir im a final year ece student.. my wish is to place in a good company..what to do sir…

  38. smith says:

    i need all question and answere pls send me

  39. Bhupendra says:

    In ur own mode

  40. Bhupendra says:

    U should give the answers of all Q.

  41. operating system says:

    hi its IT Professionl questions

  42. vignesh says:

    i wanna answer for these questions.pls snd me

  43. mohit says:

    plz post the answers of the questions.

  44. kalai says:

    it will be nice if answer is also there means.

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