System admin interview questions

  1. What are the required components of Windows Server 2003 for installing Exchange 2003? – ASP.NET, SMTP, NNTP, W3SVC
  2. What must be done to an AD forest before Exchange can be deployed? – Setup /forestprep
  3. What Exchange process is responsible for communication with AD? – DSACCESS
  4. What 3 types of domain controller does Exchange access? – Normal Domain Controller, Global Catalog, Configuration Domain Controller
  5. What connector type would you use to connect to the Internet, and what are the two methods of sending mail over that connector? – SMTP Connector: Forward to smart host or use DNS to route to each address
  6. How would you optimise Exchange 2003 memory usage on a Windows Server 2003 server with more than 1Gb of memory? – Add /3Gb switch to boot.ini
  7. What would a rise in remote queue length generally indicate? – This means mail is not being sent to other servers. This can be explained by outages or performance issues with the network or remote servers.
  8. What would a rise in the Local Delivery queue generally mean? – This indicates a performance issue or outage on the local server. Reasons could be slowness in consulting AD, slowness in handing messages off to local delivery or SMTP delivery. It could also be databases being dismounted or a lack of disk space.
  9. What are the standard port numbers for SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, RPC, LDAP and Global Catalog? – SMTP – 25, POP3 – 110, IMAP4 – 143, RPC – 135, LDAP – 389, Global Catalog – 3268
  10. Name the process names for the following: System Attendant? – MAD.EXE, Information Store – STORE.EXE, SMTP/POP/IMAP/OWA – INETINFO.EXE
  11. What is the maximum amount of databases that can be hosted on Exchange 2003 Enterprise? – 20 databases. 4 SGs x 5 DBs.
  12. What are the disadvantages of circular logging? – In the event of a corrupt database, data can only be restored to the last backup.

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