What are your career options

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  1. saroj pathak says:

    what should tell about previous organisation to the interviewer.

    I need to know about it.

  2. rashmi says:

    * Would you lie for the sake of company
    * Tell me about a situation when your work was criticized
    * Why do you want to work at our company
    * Explain Your ideal company, location and job
    * Where do you see yourself five years from now
    * Are you not overqualified for this position
    * Most Basic and Frequently Asked Interview Questions and Answers
    * Performance in the Last Job
    * How do you feel reporting to Younger person/Women?
    * Books you read dear sir/ma’am plz send me the ans for all of above..

  3. satish says:

    What are your career options Now?
    The interviewer is trying to find out, “How desperate are you? for this job.”

    Prepare for this question by thinking of how you can position yourself as a desired commodity. If you are still working, describe the possibilities at your present firm and why, though you’re greatly appreciated there, you’re looking for something more (challenge, money, responsibility, etc.). Also mention that you’re seriously exploring opportunities with one or two other firms.
    If you’re not working, you can talk about other employment possibilities you’re actually exploring. But do this with a light touch, speaking only in general terms. You don’t want to seem manipulative or coy

  4. priya says:

    how many career position?

  5. priya says:

    how many books read for interview?

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