Important BPO Question Answers

I am NOUFAL looking for the call centre jobs in bangalore.
please send me answers for the following questions.

If You join the company then what is the first thing you want to do , which you were not able to do in ur previous company?
ANS: In two parts:
1. If you are a fresher: Since I’m fresher this is my first company that I will be joing, hence I will be very glad to enhance my skills and learn more about the company ethics.
2. If you are experienced: I have been folded into carrying out a stereotype job which involved not much real time thinking and utisling my skilss, hence I will appreciate If given a chance to enhance my skills and made to learn new technologies, and adapt my self to new challanges.

Being a graduate why you are looking for a call center job?
Ans: Being a Graduate I can work more professionaly and understand the requirements of the job. It is my pattionate to work in a Call center.

You don’t have any experience in call center field? why should i hire u?
Every one at one stage in their life have no (0) experience, if they were not given the chance they would not have been in places where they are now, I expect my self to get a chance to prove my talent, skills, and ability to learn and adapt the changes.

Why did u join in call center:
I wanted to work in a call center, that is why I’m here.

Tell something about BPO
Ans: Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a form of outsourcing that involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business functions (or processes) to a third-party service provider. Originally, this was associated with manufacturing firms, such as Coca Cola that outsourced large segments of its supply chain.[1]. In the contemporary context, it is primarily used to refer to the outsourcing of services.

Which colour do u like?
Mention the color you like and why.

Why did you want to join the call center?
Business Process Outsoucing in a indusrty which not only pays in terms of Finacial benifit of course gives me an oppurtunity to be a part of a team which is of course Global Business, My Efforts have  always been to be a part of a Global business environment, thats  the reason I wish to join in a call centre.

what is the difference of domestic and international call centre?
A Domestic Call Center Involves Offering Support to Local i.e within a country.

Why do you want to join a call centre being a computer science graduate?
Ans: Though I’m a CS Graduate, I prefer working at a Callcenter, where I get to meet a team of Global Business and learn many things which can even enhance my career.

Tell me about your favorite colour?
Mention the color you like and why.

What would u do, if u become a prime minister of ur country for six months
As every one say, Remove povery, bring employement make police free from polictics, remove cast based politics and a lot more…

As am a fresher i don’t know how to attend a interview ,give me some tips?
You have be very clear about what you want as a fresher there can be many ppl guiding you to start off your career which might result into miss-guidance. Hence it is important to set goals and achevie them slowly. Be Confident learn the subject you are willing to work for, Attend the interview with confident be honest do not hide anything, lying causes you to become less confident hence do not lie.

Can u stay awake in the night?
Yes, if the job demands.

Do u know how to speak English with American accent?
Answer it honestly if yes or no.

Do u have the patience to listen to others’ problems?
I’m a good listener. (Answer yes if you r).

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  1. hi
    i am shivam kumar i’m a pursuing but english communication is not good. so i want to improve my english language. plz help me.

  2. Amol says:

    i am having opening for Domestic & International BPO in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai
    Contact Detais=9768032619

  3. vishnupriya says:

    hai i’m vishnupriya, i’m a graduate and now i’m doing mcom.but english communication is not good. so iwant to improve my english language. pls help me.

  4. I am really grateful for the Person and Professor/HR who released/raise these above questions, because till now i participated more than 10 interviews in and around Chennai within these 15 days (From Oct 15th to 31st) but am not selected because to failed to answer the above question which has been asked by the interviewer….. but now am perfect and ready to face the interview in BPO’s…. Specially i would like to say Thanking to My Almighty Lord and God Jesus Christ, cos He made lead me each and evry day when i was back from interview with failure, with great confidence and comfort through his Words…..

  5. Iam Rupa,I have three year experience in bpo .but my English is not good so I want to improve the English plz help me………..could give reference of any good institution to improve my english…

  6. mANISH says:

    hai i’m graduate.but english communication very poor how to improve my communication skill? pls help me

  7. Dinesh Saini says:

    Hi All,

    I am working in a Leading BPO and i have almost 3 yrs BPO .Experience. as per your Queries.i found one thing that all of you have Communication problem so guys i would like to advise that start watching English news channel,listen English songs and read English news Papers.these things help you a lot to improve your communication.

    and your second problem is the question which can be asked n the Interview .so i will advise you that before an interview collect all the information about the Company…don’t talk about your need .talk about their requirement what kind of skill they req. accordingly their req. you can present yourself infront of them.

    Hope these few & small things will help you…….
    for any other queries you feel free you can contact me.

  8. krincy says:

    hi tiz is krincy i completed my B-tech in Electrical and Electronics stream can u send questions based my stream

  9. J J Ankita says:

    hi tiz is ankita i have completed my bsc in microbiology n im looking for bpo job
    n im very scard as i have never attended any interviews so plz help me n i want to knw wat type of question they will ask me plz help

  10. Rohit Sharma says:

    hai i’m degree graduate.i hesitate in speaking english communication & can’t speak fluent english how to improve my communication skill? pls help me

  11. goutam says:

    plz send call center job tips

  12. Hi


  13. manjunath N says:

    hai i’m degree graduate.but english communication very poor how to improve my communication skill? pls help me

  14. Deepak kumar says:

    I am Deepak kumar i am looking for bpo job. My communication skills and sh sha problam. How can i improve this problams. Pls give me some tips immediately.

  15. Deepak kumar says:

    I am Deepak kumar i am looking for bpo job. I want to know this question answer
    Q- why do you leave your last job? Or previous job.

  16. actualy i have some communication problem so i need some tips to improve it………

  17. karthik says:

    hai i’m degree graduate.but english communication very poor how to improve my communication skill?

  18. srinivas says:

    i completed my 3 year in BE,EC course.i am discontinuing due to financial crisis.casn i joln to BPO.what will be the salary? i am a fresher

  19. sher bahadur says:

    i have experience some month . now i want to applay for team leader so tell me some question & answer related bpo sector?

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