Aptitude Questions

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  1. sujata says:

    please send me all the answers to the above given questions

  2. nitesh kumar says:

    please send me the above all question with proper answer.

  3. plz send ans to all these qns

  4. rex143 says:

    i want answer for the above question….with correct details,,,,,sir or madam

  5. jothi says:

    send me the answer for these above question

  6. Awadhesh says:

    i want answers to the above questions…………………
    please send me as soon as possible…………
    it is very important to me

  7. vinod says:

    can u please send me the answers as early as possible

  8. seema says:

    I want the ans. all of these ………………….& kindly send some more question to my e-mail id

  9. alekhya says:

    i want answers to the above questions…………………
    please send me as soon as possible…………
    it is very important to me

  10. please send me all the answers to the above given questions.

  11. Amrita..... says:

    i want the some more aptitude Questions and ans all of these. so kindly send more question and ans on my e-mail..

  12. akshaya says:

    nice question but i want the ans all of these. ihave thinking some possibility ans. so kindly send all ans on my e-mail…………

  13. i red all the questions. it was nice to read. i know the ans for 1st quest But i need all the answers. so pls send the ans to my e-mail.

  14. sathishkumar says:

    questions without answers is useless

  15. kumar says:

    hai,’ Excellent………. but we provide the answer

  16. venu says:

    please send answers also.

  17. Ranga Rao says:

    The no. for the third one is 10256

  18. aniket says:

    Ask any universal truth for example where the sun rises etc.
    If he tell the right answer he is knight

  19. pavan says:

    We will ask him simply while pointing to the left that which direction this is. if he say left than he knave and if he says right he is knight.

  20. plz…………….snd me some Aptitude qustions……….plzzzzzzzz….hurryyyyyyyyyyyy………

  21. nice questions! would you provide more question sets with ans.?

  22. Rajeshwari says:

    nice Quations
    can you plz send me the answers
    thank you

  23. amazing questions…………..plz give me answer.

  24. great questions…………..plz give me answer.

  25. kuldeep says:

    These are nice questions. but if you provide answers to these questions then it will help users a lot..

  26. ashwini says:

    send me answers please

  27. subashyni says:

    questions were excellent……………….but we need a answers………….

  28. RAGU says:

    hey provide the answrs fr our underst………………

  29. naga says:

    wow… super questions,, i’d like to know the answers

  30. sandeep says:

    nice questions! but can you provide more question sets with ans.?

  31. the questions are very beneficial but i feel key answers to this would be more effective!!!!!

  32. Veena says:

    Should linkup with the answers.Otherwise it will be useless.

  33. jadhav govind says:

    i like it
    will you provide me the JTO interview q’s pls…..

  34. brian says:

    7, the unusual thing is dat, all d four questions are asked i.e., why what how n who, and to every question an answer is provided which is convincing and at d end its still a question

  35. basabi das says:

    your questions are nice, but providing answers ………, give confidence to our answers.

  36. gousia says:

    please provide the answers for the given questions so that it might be useful to all

  37. kiriti mondal says:

    please give many question ,that we can improve our thinking power………..

  38. kiriti mondal says:

    please give many question,that we can improve our thinking power…………..

  39. HARIHARAN says:

    Manju un vayla en kunju

  40. sonu chaudhary says:

    plz sir more important que and ans send my id ……..

  41. samanth says:

    please provide answers

  42. Maheswari says:

    Please give me a practice set of papers with answer sheet.

  43. Indhumathi says:

    pls provide d answers for these puzzles

  44. your tips&tacks are very useful to me Jayasankar J.S. says:

    its vry usful to me fr future

  45. sara says:


  46. Sudhan X.T. says:

    Please send the answers for these questions.

  47. joby sebastian says:

    pls give the correct answers plus soln

  48. sameer malhotra says:

    It’s better if u can provide the ansters too…

  49. lakshmi says:

    It would be nice if answers also be provided here

  50. A.siva sankari says:

    please send me a answer for all the interview questions.Give answer to test our skills.

  51. shubha says:

    i wanna to know the answers for aptitude questions



  53. kushal says:

    dude answers

  54. nikhil says:

    dude questions r good but it wud hav been bettter with the answers

  55. gowri says:

    please provide answers for this questions

  56. Brinda says:

    Ur questions r superb … but pleee…ez provide d ans….

  57. P.Kavinya says:

    kindly send me the C# and graphical user interface questions,please send me the latest questions

    Thanks & Regards

  58. H.M.MOHSIN PERVAZE says:

    5. If All cars goes in the same direction, there will be no clash because all are moving with same speed and there is no chance for one to catch up with the other making a wild chase, so the answers all take right / left are both suiting

  59. please give me a practice set and also answer paper.

  60. chitra says:

    superb…..but answer irunthu irukalam

  61. murugan says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzz…..provide answrs also.It is good, but ans are also need

  62. sandeep B says:

    questions are good but you have to provide answer for that.

  63. sathish says:

    The questions are good but the answers should be provided

  64. sujit kumar says:

    plz provides answer too…..

  65. A_nike_T says:

    I never have asked such tough questions for any kind of interview…….. Bt i too need answers of those ?s

  66. Anand says:

    Hi Friends ,
    Pl send Bank.P.O questions with answers for the following areas
    English language
    Numerical Ability
    Computer knowledge & Aptitude
    Financial Awareness
    Marketing Aptitude

  67. Natalia says:

    As the questions are presented really well but provide the required answers for that it would be a great help…..

  68. Manohar says:

    Question are easy and interesting.. if you provide answers means we can analyze and correct the answers..
    plzz provide answers too..!!

  69. shingne says:


  70. harsha says:

    providing answers may help us better.

  71. Bhupinder says:

    Good questions but answers should be there

  72. K.C. Sridevi says:

    “Please provide me with interview questions for the post of scientific assistant in ISRO”

  73. K.C. Sridevi says:

    Please provide me with interview questions for the post of scientific assistant in ISRO.

  74. it is good, but ans are also need

  75. gursharn says:

    i wnat detailed questions with solutions for btech degree

  76. Ankita says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzz…..provide answrs also..
    ….it is not easy to solve.

  77. Revathy says:

    its good but we want to know the answer. pls

  78. shawhinshaw says:

    please give the answers also

  79. shanmugam says:

    pl.z give cpcl model question paper post for diploma ELEl

  80. Mamata says:

    Hi its good,we get only an idea but it doesnt help me can u pls put anws too????????

  81. karthik says:

    fucking test man r u dumb ass hole how can we test ourselves without providing answers idiot update well and ask us…..

  82. john says:

    question are good but if accompanied by answers would have been better……..!!

  83. Azaz Baig says:

    All questions are good. But lack of ans. We won’t able to find right ans.

  84. SHELLY says:

    all the questions r intresting but plzzz provide answers also so that i can come confirmed myself wheather m right on nt.

  85. david says:

    The questions are good, but can u plz provide the answers??? it will be of much help.

  86. swayam says:

    no doubt…
    questions r good but answers must b given

  87. JYOTI says:

    questions are really good but answers are very neccessary for knowing we are right or wrong

  88. kanwar says:

    hi good work . kindly send the answers

  89. bala says:

    answers should provide for these questions

  90. Naresh says:

    Good maintainance if u will provide the answers for that,it will help us too…?

  91. Naresh says:

    the questions are good why don’t you provide the answers,if u provide that will help us too

  92. Usha says:

    Your questions are interesting.But,I want answers.

  93. Provide the best possible answers,so that we can compare and know our own aptitude and be prepared for the interview.

  94. varun says:

    unless I get the answers, I’ll not know how I faired.

  95. amar says:

    You should provide answer links

  96. ajay yadav says:

    it should b provided by an answer

  97. ronny says:

    ans1. i will ask the person , r u the only one person in this village?

  98. Deepa Ahuja says:

    I want to answers also.

  99. Gopalan says:

    Add several questions with answers

  100. Linga reddy says:

    anwers for the questions…………

  101. sridhar says:

    i want answ allso

  102. mani says:

    its very usefull to check my knowlege . you should provide answer to verify

  103. ekon says:

    everybody wants an answer so it would be better if u guys provide with solution because if u have taken meal then u should dehydrate.

  104. Addie says:

    qustions seems simple….but without answers its realy a dumb…thng,so plz provide the answers also

  105. vikash kumar singh says:

    questions r prepared very lucidely.It’ll surely help us to uplift ourselvs.

  106. Charu says:

    please….. give the answer so that we can check our answer,s correctness…..

  107. M.jeeva says:

    plz send software testing interview question with answer……………

  108. Gokul Vihari says:

    Questions are good.please provide answers, so that we can understand whether we are correct or not our satisfaction

  109. dinesh says:

    your questions are nice, but providing answers ………, give confidence to our answers.

  110. Boopender says:

    Answers plzzzzzzzz…………

  111. D.Kumara Ganesh says:

    ans should be given

  112. vishakha says:

    m not able to sort out dese….can neone tell me the answers plzzzzz…..???

  113. swetha says:

    Questions are good.please provide answers so that we can understand whether we are correct or not.

  114. nosheen says:

    answeres should b given.

  115. krishna says:

    I want the details of Interview Questions and the details of the vacancy regarding testing for B.Sc. student

  116. manju says:

    answers should be provided for effective results

  117. Rajnish says:

    The questions are very well presented but it could have been given in a more effective manner. Moreover it should have been supported with the answer link.

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