Java Interview Questions

Advanced Java Interview Questions and Answers

Please go through important Java Interview Questions, solve them if you can, share it with your friends and save as bookmark for future reference! Java Interview Questions: What is difference between JDK,JRE and JVM? JVM JVM is an acronym for Java Virtual Machine, it is an abstract machine which provides the...

sC Test Token passing string

C Online Test

Take a simple C Online Test Check your basic c skills, by taking a sample test here with us to know how good you stand on a given C programming language test.

My First Interview Experience

My Personal first Interview experience

My Personal First Interview Experience as a fresher for the post of Web Master Hi, my name is Imran, I’m writing this experience of mine attending an interview as a fresher in 2006, my skills were good on web development, Php, MySQL, Website management, Joomla, WordPress etc. So I thought after...

Job interview Stop words

Job interview Stop Words

The Job interview Stop Words Have you ever wondered whether there would be any such words? Stop words/do not say words/ do not murmur words? usually these words referred in website optimisation as stop Keywords which are termed as stop words. Example: And, Or, Of, etc. These words are not recommended...

Agriculture in India

Which are the Largest Food producing nations in the World

A simple Question answers for the top food producing nations in the world. Which is the top food producing nation in the World? Answer: India Which is the top Vegetable producing nation in the World? Answer: Largest Producer India Which is the largest Rice producing nation? Answer: China Which nation produces...

Agro based and Mineral based Industries

Agro and Mineral Based Industries Interview Questions

w What are Agro and Mineral Based Industries What are Agro based industries? Answer: Those which industries which are classified based on source of RAW Material. What are Different types? Answer: There are Two types of Agro based Industries. 1. Agro based Industries are the once that produce Silk Tea/Coffee Jute...

Programming anguages

What are the different functions in sorting an array

Q:What are the different functions in sorting an array? Answer: The functions for sorting array are following: 1- sort($array)- is used for enumerated array(numeric array) sorts the array element in ascending order. 2- rsort($array)- is used for enumerated array,sorts the array element in descending order. 3- asort($array)- is used for associative...


How to Create Database using PHP and mysql

Q:How can we create a database using PHP and mysql? Answer: In the earlier versions of PHP we were using mysql_create_db($dbstring,$link) to create a database,but PHP5 n latest versions of PHP do not support this function. Now we will have to use mysql_query(“create database databasename”); to create database. mysql_drop_db($dbname,$link) is also...