Important 40 Testing Interview Questions

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  1. Sirisha Chowdary says:

    thank you very much…to help me improving my knowledge
    could you tel some more important questions with examples, bcz Interviewers don’t except only definations!!

  2. Sirisha says:

    Could you please give some examples for all questions, Bcz Interviewers don’t except only definations….

  3. Pramod says:

    Thanks a lot ….These are the perfect interview ans……

  4. bijayalaxmi rout says:

    thanx a lot.recently m complited my manul testing..n readdy for my interview n m damn sure this different techniques help alot..again thanx…….

  5. piyush kulkarni says:

    thanks for this post.It’s very use full for me!

  6. tabassum says:

    Very useful .. thank you so much :)

  7. aman says:


  8. preeti says:

    gud article…

  9. Milan says:

    This q&a is very much usefull.

  10. manu says:

    I think dhese questions r helpfull fr freshers….basic part of testing

  11. Mugaz says:

    Very Nice.Can you give some questions related to SDLC model and automation tools ?

  12. can i do this course after diploma in information technology.
    Gimmie the answer please

  13. Praveen says:

    Tanks alot bcoz,info is so short but easy to understand .

  14. Raja says:

    Dont read all these shitty questions.. 40 different types of testing???? someone must be joking…

  15. Chandu says:

    thank you very much…to help me improving my knowledge

    could you tel some more important questions?

  16. jothi says:

    i need manual testing intervie questions with answers

  17. jaya says:

    thnx alot….

  18. vamshi varma says:

    thank you.for giving shnt&easy understable ans and also giv small example of a every answear.

  19. Shaan says:

    S ayisha…

  20. ayisha says:

    thnks a lot,, thts shrt nd swt……………..

  21. thank you very much…to help me improving my knowledge

  22. thank you very much…for giving the knowledge about testing

  23. myk says:

    thanks a lot ….

  24. zubaer khan says:

    These are the perfect interview ans. shrt & swt.

  25. SIVA says:


  26. nikhil verma says:

    thanks to allllll


    bye bye

  27. rashmita says:

    thank u very much to help me in improving my knowledge little more

  28. Thayumanavan says:

    very good understandable answers in single line……thanks

  29. poornima says:

    could you tel some more important questions?

  30. akshay says:

    These are the perfect interview ans. shrt & swt.

  31. Neelesh says:

    1 dom masttttttttttttt ans. Thank u ….

  32. swathi says:

    thank u very much… very cute brief answers…. thank u…

  33. lohith says:

    thank u very much… very cute brief answers…. thank u…

  34. Prasanth says:

    It is very helpful to post these questions.Thanks a lot. Really it is useful for a fresher.

  35. Mali YDR says:

    Wow, ITs really useful for freshers.. nice work dude.. Kindly update latest Interview qns with ans……. :-) B-)

    STC. Canditates contact me.!

  36. Have you ever thought of putting videos for your site posts to keep the visitors more entertained? I mean I just read through the entire posting and it absolutely was quite excellent but since I am alot more of a visual learner, I found that way to be significantly more helpful. well, let me know what you feel.

  37. Very creative,I like it.

  38. lasanitamrin says:

    tank u.It is really useful for fresher

  39. Ninja says:

    Thanks. Really good questions!

  40. anil says:

    hai my friend thank u very much for providing such a use full information , and i wish u very sucessful life. bai take care

  41. Harsha says:

    Really this was very helpful for me ..

  42. shivani says:

    Hi, thanks for this post.It’s very usefull

  43. rama tammineni says:

    it is very helpful for freshers

  44. rani says:

    hi. i would like to start my carrer on testing. is it give right carrer to me.

  45. vijay says:

    That website given sort but sweet ans of all the testing type.

  46. roshan says:

    thank u.its very helpful for freshers.

  47. muhmmadadnan says:


  48. SAM says:

    Good for beginners who can know different testing terms

  49. G. SwapnaRani says:

    excellent answers .

  50. i am continue in mca in 4th sem.give me suggestion.

  51. Deepa Ahuja says:

    Really it was very helful to me. and the best thing is that questions with answers.

  52. roops says:

    thnx for your posting…its a good one…

  53. manoj says:


  54. raj says:

    it was very helpful to us thank you whoever posted

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