Important 40 Testing Interview Questions

Important 40 Testing Interview Questions for Job seekers to prepare for the Testing job Interview

What’s Ad Hoc Testing ?

A testing where the tester tries to break the software by randomly trying functionality of software.

What’s the Accessibility Testing ?

Testing that determines if software will be usable by people with disabilities.

What’s the Alpha Testing ?

The Alpha Testing is conducted at the developer sites and in a controlled environment by the end user of the software

What’s the Beta Testing ?

Testing the application after the installation at the client place.

What is Component Testing ?

Testing of individual software components (Unit Testing).

What’s Compatibility Testing ?

In Compatibility testing we can test that software is compatible with other elements of system.

What is Concurrency Testing ?

Multi-user testing geared towards determining the effects of accessing the same application code, module or database records. Identifies and measures the level of locking, deadlocking and use of single-threaded code and locking semaphores.

What is Conformance Testing ?

The process of testing that an implementation conforms to the specification on which it is based. Usually applied to testing conformance to a formal standard.

What is Context Driven Testing ?

The context-driven school of software testing is flavor of Agile Testing that advocates continuous and creative evaluation of testing opportunities in light of the potential information revealed and the value of that information to the organization right now.

What is Data Driven Testing ?

Testing in which the action of a test case is parameterized by externally defined data values, maintained as a file or spreadsheet. A common technique in Automated Testing.

What is Conversion Testing ?

Testing of programs or procedures used to convert data from existing systems for use in replacement systems.

What is Dependency Testing ?

Examines an application’s requirements for pre-existing software, initial states and configuration in order to maintain proper functionality.

What is Depth Testing ?

A test that exercises a feature of a product in full detail.

What is Dynamic Testing ?

Testing software through executing it. See also Static Testing.

What is Endurance Testing ?

Checks for memory leaks or other problems that may occur with prolonged execution.

What is End-to-End testing ?

Testing a complete application environment in a situation that mimics real-world use, such as interacting with a database, using network communications, or interacting with other hardware, applications, or systems if appropriate.

What is Exhaustive Testing ?

Testing which covers all combinations of input values and preconditions for an element of the software under test.

What is Gorilla Testing ?

Testing one particular module, functionality heavily.

What is Installation Testing ?

Confirms that the application under test recovers from expected or unexpected events without loss of data or functionality. Events can include shortage of disk space, unexpected loss of communication, or power out conditions.

What is Localization Testing ?

This term refers to making software specifically designed for a specific locality.

What is Loop Testing ?

A white box testing technique that exercises program loops.

What is Mutation Testing ?

Mutation testing is a method for determining if a set of test data or test cases is useful, by deliberately introducing various code changes (‘bugs’) and retesting with the original test data/cases to determine if the ‘bugs’ are detected. Proper implementation requires large computational resources

What is Monkey Testing ?

Testing a system or an Application on the fly, i.e just few tests here and there to ensure the system or an application does not crash out.

What is Positive Testing ?

Testing aimed at showing software works. Also known as “test to pass”. See also Negative Testing.

What is Negative Testing ?

Testing aimed at showing software does not work. Also known as “test to fail”. See also Positive Testing.

What is Path Testing ?

Testing in which all paths in the program source code are tested at least once.

What is Performance Testing ?

Testing conducted to evaluate the compliance of a system or component with specified performance requirements. Often this is performed using an automated test tool to simulate large number of users. Also know as “Load Testing”.

What is Ramp Testing ?

Continuously raising an input signal until the system breaks down.

What is Recovery Testing ?

Confirms that the program recovers from expected or unexpected events without loss of data or functionality. Events can include shortage of disk space, unexpected loss of communication, or power out conditions.

What is the Re-testing testing ?

Retesting- Again testing the functionality of the application.

What is the Regression testing ?

Regression- Check that change in code have not effected the working functionality

What is Sanity Testing ?

Brief test of major functional elements of a piece of software to determine if its basically operational.

What is Scalability Testing ?

Performance testing focused on ensuring the application under test gracefully handles increases in work load.

What is Security Testing ?

Testing which confirms that the program can restrict access to authorized personnel and that the authorized personnel can access the functions available to their security level.

What is Stress Testing ?

Stress testing is a form of testing that is used to determine the stability of a given system or entity. It involves testing beyond normal operational capacity, often to a breaking point, in order to observe the results.

What is Smoke Testing ?

A quick-and-dirty test that the major functions of a piece of software work. Originated in the hardware testing practice of turning on a new piece of hardware for the first time and considering it a success if it does not catch on fire.

What is Soak Testing ?

Running a system at high load for a prolonged period of time. For example, running several times more transactions in an entire day (or night) than would be expected in a busy day, to identify and performance problems that appear after a large number of transactions have been executed.

What’s the Usability testing ?

Usability testing is for user friendliness.

What’s the User acceptance testing ?

User acceptance testing is determining if software is satisfactory to an end-user or customer.

What’s the Volume Testing ?

We can perform the Volume testing, where the system is subjected to large volume of data.

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