WinRunner Interview questions and Answers

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  1. Indumathi says:

    this is Indumathi, now only i learning software testing course. Please help me.

    i had some interview questions.

    1. Describe the process of planning a test in WinRunner?
    2. How do you record a new script? Can you e-mail a WinRunner script? How can a person run a previously saved WinRunner script?
    3. How can you synchronize WinRunner scripts?
    4. What is a GUI map? How does it work?
    5. How can you verify application behavior?
    6. Explain in detail how WinRunner checkpoints work. What are standard checkpoints?
    7. What is a data-driven test? What are the benefits of a data-driven test?
    8. How do you modify logical names on GUI map?
    9. Why would you use batch testing under WinRunner? Explain advantages and disadvantages. Give an example of one project where you used batch testing.
    10. How do you pass parameter values between the tests?
    11. Have you used WinRunner Recovery Manager?
    12. What is an exception handler? Wny would you define one in WinRunner?
    13. We’re testing an application that returns a graphical object (i.e., a map) as a result of the user query. Explain how you’d teach WinRunner to recognize and analyze the returned object.
    14. What is a TSL? Write a simple script in TSL.

    You can get more interview questions and can set the job alerts in ….

    i think it will be very useful to you.
    All the best for your carrer…


  2. hi this is priyanka , i finished my BE in 2007 nowiam sarching job in software testing field. please help for me

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